Xiaomi Launches Redmi K20 And RedmiBook 14

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Today, Redmi held a new product launch conference and uncovered a few amazing products. Apart from the Redmi K20 series handsets, there also was another category product, the Redmibook 14. Its top version is equipped with Intel's eight-generation Core i7 processor, 25W MX250 graphics card, 8GB + 512GB version, and it costs 4999 yuan ($723).

The Redmi K20 has two versions. The original variant is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, a 4000mAh capacity battery, supporting 18W fast charge, 6.39-inch ultra-wide screen with the 7th-gen screen fingerprint technology, NFC, and Hi-Res Audio support. There is a triple-camera on the back and a 20MP front camera. The Redmi K20 adopts temperament flame pattern design, 3D four-curved glass body, with flame red, glacier blue, and carbon fiber black three colors.

Xiaomi Launches Redmi K20 And RedmiBook 14

The Redmi K20 is available in 6GB+64GB and 6GB+128GB versions, priced at 1999 yuan ($289) and 2099 yuan ($304), respectively.

The Redmi K20 Pro sports a 6.39-inch full-screen with a 91.9% screen ratio, a 2.1mm top border, a 1.85mm left and right borders, and a 3.8mm bottom border. It also supports hardware DC dimming. At the same time, the phone uses a metal middle frame, 3D four-curved glass body, and ‘holographic angel eye’. It has dimensions of 156.7mm × 74.3mm × 8.8mm, while weighing 191g.

In terms of hardware, the Redmi K20 Pro is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which is paired with various storage combinations and a 4000mAh battery. The latter supports AI smart power saving and 27W fast charge, which makes the phone charge to 58% in less than half an hour. One of the most attractive features of the K20 Pro is the Game Turbo 2.0 support.

Xiaomi Launches Redmi K20 And RedmiBook 14

On the back, the Pro variant is packed with a triple camera, which includes the Sony’s 48MP CMOS (1/2″ sensor, 1.6um four-in-one pixel, 6P lens, f / 1.75 aperture), an 8MP lens (1/4″ sensor, 1.12um, 5P lens, f/2.4 aperture), and a 13MP anti-distortion super wide-angle sensor (1/3″ sensor, 1.12um, 5P lens, f / 2.4 aperture, 124.8 degrees super wide angle). To ensure a genuine full screen, the Redmi K20 Pro uses a pop-up camera design, which has a resolution of 20MP that lifts in 0.8 seconds. The latter supports large wide-angle panoramic photo mode, super night scene, 960 frames slow motion, and other functions. Plus, we know it will comes with a 0.9cc large sound cavity, HiFi sound quality, dual frequency GPS, etc.

The 6+64GB is priced at 2499 yuan ($362), the 6+128GB is at 2599 yuan ($376), 8+128GB is at 2799 yuan ($405), and the 8+256GB is at 2999 yuan ($434).

As for the Redmibook 14 is equipped with a 14-inch matte screen with a 5.75mm ultra-narrow bezel and 81.2% screen ratio. It features a full-size keyboard and an all-metal integrated body. The thickest part of the body is 17.95mm and it comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port, HDMI port, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Redmibook 14 top version is equipped with a 4.6GHz i7-8565U processor, 25W MX250 standalone, bottom cooling system with an opening area of ​​2530mm2, DTS sound effects support, pre-installed genuine Office home, 8GB + 512GB SSD, and it costs 4999 yuan ($723).

Xiaomi Launches Redmi K20 And RedmiBook 14

The RedmiBook 14 Standard Edition is equipped with the 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB+256GB SSD is priced at 3,999 yuan ($578), and 8GB+512GB SSD is priced at 4,299 yuan ($622).




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