HP Launches Envy 13 Woodgrain Notebook

2019-11-2504:52:06 Comments 23
HP Launches Envy 13 Woodgrain Notebook

HP Envy 13 Woodgrain Notebook: Powered by 10 Generations of Core, Original Palm Rest.

According to reports, ENVY 13 wood board uses a 10 generation Core processor, the highest optional i7-10510U processor and MX 250 alone. The screen is 13.3 inches with 1920 x 1080p resolution.

HP ENVY 13 wood grain version uses a real wood palm rest, even the touchpad is also wood, about 1mm thickness. Using TPU soaking process, covering the nano-coating, with anti-drying, moisture resistance and other characteristics.

In terms of price, i5+8GB memory +512GB SSD version to the hand price of $922 i7+8GB+512GB+MX 250 price of $1135.

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