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Shen Yiren Vice President OPPO: This Year’s Device is Based On The Reno Series

Shen Yiren

Recently, Shen Yiren, vice president of OPPO, who is known as the “explosive prince”, has been “hurried” this time. Recently, Shen Yiren, vice president of OPPO, who is known as the “explosive prince”, has been “hurried” this time. He also abides by the agreement to bring a wave of new OPPO products to all netizens. He said:

” There are no screen cameras and no TVs this year. But there are Reno_, Reno_ _ _, _ _ _ _, and there will be that and the first half of next year. ”

Shen Yiren

The words continue to be witty and “mysterious” in the past. However, Shen Yiren’s words basically show OPPO’s product line in the second half of this year and even next year. OPPO’s Reno series is expected to increase new members and gradually expand product scale in the second half of this year. The previously screened camera and TV products are estimated to wait until next year to meet with you. Earlier, the Reno 5G version has been sold abroad. I believe that the country will officially start selling in the second half of this year.

Shen Yiren

However, it is worth noting that in addition to the new Reno machine, Shen Yiren also has a new product that is not affiliated with the Reno series. Shen Yiren previously said that the self-researched neck-mounted noise-reducing earphones have a high probability that this year’s new products will be “not just a mobile phone category”. Then this new product not affiliated with the Reno series should be the OPPO self-developed neck hanging. Noise-cancelling headphones or the second-generation Pikachu custom version of the charging treasure that supports SuperVooc flash charging.

In general, OPPO’s second half of 2019 is still very worth looking forward to. And then only wait for Shen and even the official follow-up to release more news.

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