Lion King Surpasses Frozen Into The Most Earning Animated Movie Of Disney

Lion King

According to recent foreign media reports, the animated movie Lion King 2019 has now surpassed “FROZEN”. To become the highest-earning animated movies in Disney’s history.

From the report: It” crossed $1.3 billion in global box office over the weekend, surpassing the $1.2 billion in Frozen. However, in the US and Canda, the film is still lagging behind “Incredibles 2” and “Finding Dory” (Finding Dory).

“Lion King” is a film produced by Disney Film Company and directed by “Hapi” Jon Feiru. The film tells the story of the Little Lion King Simba. Who goes through a series of stories and eventually becoming the king of the grassland.

Not long ago, the Disney movie official Weibo announces the release of the movie “Lion King” will be extend for one month. And the film will eventually release on September 10.

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